When you are an established client of SNC, all your prescribed supplements are available for purchase at the time of your visit. We maintain a large supply of mineral, vitamin, and herbal-based supplements that are manufactured by supplement companies having the highest reputation for quality control, product effectiveness, product purity, and safety.

The physicians at SNC are affiliated with a number of compounding pharmacies in the nation, to allow clients the option of taking certain supplements in the form of a cream, injectable, liquid, chewable tablet, etc. For our clients that do not reside in Arizona or for those traveling for extended periods of time, we can directly ship anything at anytime.

We do NOT recommend purchasing off label mineral, vitamin, and herbal-based supplements at retail stores secondary to the additives used in the manufacturing process and the lack of quality control associated with the chain brands.

 Some of, but not all, of our supplement affiliations are listed below.

Sonoran Naturopathic Center-Private Label Products

  • Designs For Health
  • Thorne Research
  • Naturethroid
  • Pure Encapsulations
  • Integrative Therapeutics
  • Vitanica
  • Douglas Laboratories
  • Biogenesis Neutraceuticals
  • OrthoMolecular Products
  • Wise Woman Herbals
  • Natural Partners
  • Allergy Research Group

As licensed physicians, the Naturopaths at SNC can also prescribe medications if a client’s symptoms warrant a prescription drug. However, prescription drugs are never the first-line of therapy and are used only when natural remedies have failed or the condition requires a holistic and western medicine treatment blend.