Now offering AmnioFix® by MiMedx

We are excited to offer AmnioFix® injectable by MiMedx at Sonoran Naturopathic Center. Whether you are a  professional athlete or a weekend warrior, overuse injuries are common and chronic. Often certain soft tissue and joint injuries respond well to other conservative treatment modalities such as prolotherapy, PRP, prolozone, physical therapy and rest. But when those options have been used and a patient is still not satisfied with his/her results, AmnioFix® is a very logical treatment to consider, especially if the goal is to prevent or prolong surgical intervention.

AmnioFix® Amniotic Membrane Allografts are made of a dehydrated human amniotic membrane tissue (dHAM) that has undergone a patented PURION® Process. The bilayered amnion/chorion membrane graft has non-viable cells, active growth factors, specialized cytokines and structural extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins. At SNC, we are using amnion/chorion configuration, in a powder form, that can be reconstituted to create an injectable liquid for administration into or adjacent to the targeted damaged soft tissue or joint space.

Amnion donors are living mothers that have delivered a live birth through Caesarean section. All tissues are recovered under full informed consent of the donor. Each donor is screened for behaviors that would place her at an increased risk for the transmission of infectious diseases and to ensure she has not shown signs or symptoms of illnesses. The amnion procurement process follows the FDA regulations and American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) standards.

There are many clinical applications for AmnioFix®, from protecting nerves as a tissue barrier membrane to preventing proliferative post-surgical scar tissue. AmnioFix® can help reduce inflammation at the injection site(s) and help induce and improve soft tissue healing. Common sport related injuries that benefit from such injection are Plantar fasciitis, Epicondylitis, Turf Toe, Achilles tendonitis, Biceps tendonitis, Triceps tendonitis, and Patellar tendonitis. AmnioFix® has also shown to be a bridge for those hoping to prolong the need for a total knee/hip replacement in the setting of bone on bone osteoarthritis.

We encourage you to take a look at the sites listed below if you are interested in more information regarding AmnioFix® injectable and we welcome inquires about this in-office procedure.