Additional Information for New Clients

  • Please visit our Resource page where you will find our new patient forms. Please complete all forms with respect to the physician you are establishing care with and/or services you will be scheduling. A printed name and signature is all that is required for the Medical Records Release, please DO NOT date it, as this is a hard copy for us to have on file should we need your permission to send records, elsewhere. We require ALL completed forms and a copy of the front and back of your insurance card, in order to proceed forward with scheduling. To submit your completed paperwork; you can mail it to our office, drop it off, or fax it to 480-614-2522.
  • Your first appointment at SNC will be for a lab draw.
  • In general, labs are always fasting, so nothing to eat or drink after midnight the evening before your appointment
  • Labs take 2 weeks to result in full, at which time you will be scheduled for your initial consultation with the physician. During your consultation, all lab results are reviewed, a treatment protocol is initiated, and plans for additional/specialty testing are made, if required.
  • Once a treatment plan is in effect, your first follow up visit is usually done 1 month later.   Changes are made to the existing treatment protocol as necessary.
  • Subsequent lab testing will be required to see the effectiveness of treatment, frequency depends upon a client’s protocol and/or symptoms

Remote Care
We are happy to see patients from areas other than Arizona; and do so via Remote Care. In this relationship, Dr. Brian Popiel can serve as your prescribing physician. However, we do require that once per year, travel plans are made to beautiful Scottsdale for an in-office visit. Between your yearly in-office visits, contact will be made via phone or Skype. Despite the distance factor, we can continue to order tests, prescribe medications and ship supplements, as necessary. Normal hourly office visit charges apply for in-office and remote visits.