• “The team at Sonoran Naturopathic Center are absolutely the most carely and knowledgeable people out there!! They provide excellent care by going beyond the usual medical protocol and develop a plan to remedy the root cause and not just treat symptoms. The team works very hard to keep up with the latest research and findings. I would recommend SNC to anyone with Illness or seeking optimal health! They will be part of my lifetime medical team!!”  ~Tracie W.
  • “I found this clinic after two people had recommended Dr Popiel. The office offers blood testing, IV therapy, joint injections and more. I have had a long history of unsuccessful knee interventions and Dr Popiel has worked with me on finding solutions. He also has not overcharged me like so many other naturopaths do. It is affordable to continue care and get the help I need and I really appreciate that.” ~Megan Davies 
  • “Dave and I have been patients for a few years and must say I am 110% satisfied with my care. Dr. Brian and Lyndsay are so knowledgeable, nice and get you back on your feet in no time if you are not feeling well. I have recommended them to anyone looking for Naturopathic care. They are the best!” ~The Panozzo Team

* * * * * ~Scott Adams

  • “Dr Popiel has helped me through so much! I’ve been going to this office for years and he and his staff have always been professional and kind. I come from a situation in which I don’t know my biological family history, and this office has been paramount in helping me hit my mid life with optimal health! I highly recommend this office and team to anyone reading!” ~ The J
  • “I have been a patient here for several years and can’t say enough positive things.  When I went to an MD I would wait for an hour and leave with a bag of pharmaceuticals. Never felt like they were treating me just the symptom. 
       Wow what a difference SNCAZ is. When I arrive I am greeted immediately by the staff. Dr. Brian has sat and talked with me for sometimes and hour. Where do you find that kind of detailed service these days? 
       Recently I trained for a Jiu Jitsu tournament and they called me with a recommendation on a therapy that would help me physically with the rigors of several fights. I’ve never felt better in my life.  Got a bronze medal, Thanks Lyndsay!!! 
       Lyndsay is an amazing nurse. Last year I had a head cold when I arrived she had several therapies waiting, did a hot dry sauna and I was cleared up very quickly. 
       I have to say these folks turned my life around. There is a fountain of youth. Just treat yourself and make an appointment. I have referred numerous people and the ones who become patients always contact me with a story about how SNCAZ made an impact on their health and wellness.” ~ SM B.

  • “9 months ago, at my request a friend recommended Dr Brian Popiel, as I was concerned with the high fat diet I was undertaking. Even though I liked the results I was still skeptical and didn’t wanted diverse feedback. I was pleasantly surprised by up front testing that was done, along with the thoroughness and focus on my own personal health goals.
       My wife eventually started seeing Dr. Brian as well starting in December and now we go together (what a concept). In our quest to become healthier to be baby ready, we’ve both experienced a huge change in energy and psyche. 
       Things had already been improving before the Dr. We adjusted our diet, Courtney left a bad fit job, and we communicate better. But Dr. Brian has given us nudges we would have never tried and the benefits have been exponentially amazing. 
       Yes we’ve spent money out of pocket but compared to the ER bills to misery ratio it’s a no brainer if you have the resources.” ~ JK
  • “***** Lyndsay and Brian make a difficult situation so much better.” ~ Jean Selby