Wondering what the best wearables and apps are out there to help optimize a couple’s ability to conceive…

Have you been trying to get pregnant or just deciding you would like to start but you are unsure how exactly to go about increasing your chances of conception? Well just like everything else in our tech- savvy world, fertility can also be tracked using smart phone applications as well as Bluetooth wired devices. Below I listed a couple of my favorite devices that I have found to have the most data supporting their effectiveness as well as the most convenient wearable devices.

Wearable basal body thermometers can help women track their ovulation cycle by reading their basal body temperature, also known as BBT. BBT is an indicator often used for fertility. The data collected from fertility trackers can be viewed on smart phone applications, giving users a better understanding of when they are likely to conceive, increasing their chances of becoming pregnant. The same information can also be used to help avoid pregnancy naturally.

  • Ava Bracelet [FDA Approved]
    • Only worn at night. This wearable bracelet collects data about 9 different physiological parameters that can help identify 5.3 fertile days per month.
    • A recent study at the University Hospital of Zurich found that the device can detect 5.3 fertile days with a 89% accuracy.
      • Scientific Reports7, Article number: 1294 (2017) doi:10.1038/s41598-017-01433-9
        • https://www.avawomen.com/
          • Cost: $199
        • Kindara- The WINK
          • An oral BBT thermometer that is 4x faster than a standard thermometer. It also vibrates instead of beeps when it is done which can help prevent you waking your partner at night. The Kindara syncs wirelessly to your smartphone. It not only charts your BBT but you can also include sexual activity as well as health concerns you may have and would like to further discuss with your doctor. You can also connect with other users for support during this difficulty time.
            • https://www.kindara.com/
              • Cost: $129
            • YONO
              • Yono is an in- ear ovulation predictor that is worn all night to continuously monitor your BBT. This device allows women to fall asleep without worrying about waking up at the exact same optimal time every day to take their temperature. The information collected is then viewed using the Yono smart phone app. The other benefit is it only needs to be charged once a week.


  • An oral thermometer used to predictor ovulation. It claims to be 99.3% accurate and will chart your results directly to your smart phone using the daysy view app. The thermometer will light up red to indicate fertile days and green to indicate less fertile days.
    • https://usa.daysy.me/
      • Cost: $330
    • Clue
      • Smart Phone App that you can use to track menstrual cycle, pain, mood, discharge and sexual activity all while helping you predict your most likely fertile days. The down side to this app is that it does not take your actual temperature making it much less accurate than the previously mentioned devices.
        • https://www.helloclue.com/
          • Cost: Free
        • Ovia Fertility
          • This Smart Phone App is one of the best ways to not only track your fertility but it also creates an ovulation calendar specific to each user. It also allows you to print out the information allowing you to share this with your doctor. This allows your doctor to see all of the data you have been collecting. This app can also be synced with the fitbit app as well as myfitnesspal.com. The down side again is that it is only an app and does not take your temperature. However if you take your temperature as directed by your physician you can include this information into the Ovia Fertility app making it more accurate.