Reasons to Use Cupping

Many of you have become familiar with Cupping from the media, whether it be Michael Phelps at the Olympics or  while watching Actress Gwyneth Paltrow walk down the red carpet with obvious cupping marks on her back. But what many of you may not know is cupping is actually a thousand year old Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique.

So what is cupping really? Cupping is kind of like the opposite of massage. Instead of applying pressure to the muscles, the cupping suction uses pressure to pull skin, tissue and muscle upward, away from the body. This technique enhances blood flow circulation in areas of tension ultimately leading to pain relief. It also removes heat and pulls stagnate tissues and removes toxins that may be lingering in your body’s tissues contribute to discomfort and pain. Not only does that thousand year old technique help relief pain but it also is a pleasant relaxing technique that can help furthermore improve your health and wellness. At SNC, we often combined cupping with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture. The synergy between both techniques allows for faster pain relief.

So what can you expect with your first cupping session? The session typically last 30 mins. The cups involved are made of plastic jars which when applied with a vacuum create a suction to your skin. The underlying tissue is raised partway into the cup. Depending on the technique used the cups may be left stationary or may be moved around, known as moving cupping. Each treatment is unique and tailored to your specific needs. Cupping can be used on many different areas of the body including the back, arms, hamstrings and IT Band to name a few.

Cupping can result in temporary skin color changes, which is actually an important aspect of the technique. The way in which your skin reacts to the cups allows the Physician to evaluate the specific treatment you will need.  The temporary skin color changes can last anywhere from a couple hours to a few days depending on our much “stagnation” you may have. These temporary skin changes are rarely painful and just part of the process to healing. The average number of sessions for cupping can vary by person but typically can be done 1-3 times per week until symptoms resolve.

Cupping has a wide variety of benefits including removing toxins from the body and stimulating the flow of fresh blood, lymph and “Qi” (energy) to the affected area as well as throughout the body. Cupping is useful in many conditions including flu, cols, coughs, back and muscle pain, poor circulation, anxiety, allergies, as well as for post- work out recovery. So what are you waiting for? Come in for your new level cupping experience.

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Cupping Sets: $30

Cupping Treatment (with or without acupuncture): $50-60

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